Jessica Bloom @rocketgirlcrochet

What inspired your design for the Crochet Society?
I really enjoy symmetrical and repetitive patterns, and I love how eye-catching the stitches are. It was fun to play with some different stripe ideas too!

When did you learn to crochet, and why do you love it so much?
I first learned to crochet about 3 years ago. I decided I needed some kind of creative output after I had my daughter, and it was a great way to unwind. Now I love sharing my work, creating patterns, and designing. I feel that arts and crafts are an important thing for people to participate in, and I love that crochet and other crafts are making a comeback. I hope I can encourage people to pick up a hook too!

What is your favourite thing to make? Which colours do you love working with?
I love making blankets. When I am not sure what I want to do next, I always end up making a blanket! I tend to stick to dark colours with my clothing, so I like to use crochet as a way to experiment with colour pallets I definitely wouldn’t wear. You will find a lot of pastels and pinks in my work!

What is your top tip for new crocheters?
Do some practice swatches to start off with, and pop a stitch marker into the turning chain to help you recognise the stitches.

Any big crochet plans for next year?
I am hoping I can spend some time working with garments and learning how to put them together. I would love to write a pattern for a jumper or cardigan.

Where can people find out more about you?
I am mostly active on Instagram because the crochet-community is so wonderful on there, but you can also find me on my website (

Tell us something unexpected about you…
I love baking and always make our families birthday cakes. My favourite is carrot cake with vanilla icing, or salted caramel cupcakes. This year I also got the chance to make my good friend’s wedding cake, which still has me feeling proud!

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