What is a yarn bowl and why do you need one?

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What is a yarn bowl?

A yarn bowl is a small bowl with a swirl opening on one side and often some additional holes. You may have seen yarn bowls and wondered why on earth they are needed, well they’re actually not just a decorative element! You’ll want to make sure you have one in your crochet kit!

Why do I need a yarn bowl?

If your yarn has ever rolled off the arm of the sofa or off your knee and across the carpet picking up hair and dust, or being pounced on by your pets or kids, then a yarn bowl is the perfect solution. A yarn bowl is a way to keep your yarn clean and tangle-free. However, that’s not the only reason that a yarn bowl is a useful piece of kit to own as a crocheter.

As the yarn is fed evenly through the side of the bowl the yarn smoothly unravels as the inside of the bowl is smooth. This means that your tension is much more likely to stay even and in doing so this will improve your crochet technique and finished projects.

What are the holes in a yarn bowl for?

The additional holes in a yarn bowl are so you can crochet with multiple skeins of yarn. This means that your skeins of yarn will remain tangle free as you crochet or knit up your project.

Most bowls are also decorative so you can also keep your yarn on display to give you a little reminder to finish your WIPS! Our Bella Coco Yarn Bowl will look amazing on your coffee table!

Shop the Bella Coco Crochet Range from Crochet Society

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