That Satisfying Sound…. share your videos and get a free voucher code!


You all know the sound we mean right? The noise your Crochet Society boxes make every time you open one, we’re just not too sure how to write it down!

Every box may be different but that sound is still the signal to start discovering something new and exciting in each one.
Over the last three years, we have loved watching all your unboxing videos that are shared every month on YouTube, TikTok, and on Instagram. It’s great to see you opening your boxes and the fabulous reactions to all the goodies inside! (spoiler alert for Box 37 in the following video!)

Share your ‘Chrrrrrrrcchhhttt’ Videos with us!

So to celebrate this wonderful sound and to celebrate all of you who have created an unboxing video, we want your ‘velcro rip’ videos. We want to stitch the best ones together to create a celebration video and advert to showcase these amazing boxes, that satisfying sound, and you the subscriber!

Any videos used will be credited and we’ll be sharing your videos as you post them, a great way for you to get your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels noticed. We’ll also send everyone who enters a video a £10 voucher to spend at and enter you into a sweepstake to win a big bundle of goodies from the shop!

How to take part:

  1. Record your short video, keep it short and sweet – we just want to see your face holding the box up as you open it and of course hear that iconic velcro rip – feel free to be creative and include other family members (or pets!) or open more than one box at once, maybe get a group of you! You can record the video on your smartphone – you might need a friend to record it for you so you can be in the shot too.
  2. Share the video online and in the description let us know you are taking part in the Crochet Society Velcro Rip Challenge and tag @crochetsociety and use the hashtag #crochetsociety – you can share on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.
  3. Complete the form below so we can send out your voucher and get you entered in the sweepstake to win a bundle of goodies!

By sharing your video you are agreeing for it to be used in a Crochet Society promotion

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