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With many of us now spending more time at home, it can be a nice opportunity to spruce up your crafty space, whether it’s a cosy corner of the living room or a full-blown ‘croffice.’ Below we share inspiration from some of our favourite crocheters and offer tips on how you can carve out a little slice of crochet paradise where you can escape to after a busy day.

Look for a sign

Crochet Society designer, Kate Rowell of @jellybean_junction is the queen of rainbow designs and always manages to brighten up our feed. We love the gallery of prints she’s added to her craft room. Kate cleverly blends colour and texture to give this space a homely and oh so inspiring feel.




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Calming colours

Sarah-Jayne of Bella Coco Crochet knows how to create calming colourways. If you love to crochet with pastel shades then adding soft furnishings in similar, neutral tones can immediately make the space where you craft feel more inviting. Keep your yarn close to hand by storing it in softly woven or rattan baskets that blend easily with the rest of your home decor.



Go Green

Plants can make a huge difference to your crafty space and immediately add an extra splash of colour. We love this post by @craftinbylucy. For something small and easy to look after, why not add a few succulent plants around your space? Have shelves? Pop some hanging plants between your yarn stash to help your storage look more manageable and sophisticated.




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In the Bag

Isn’t this image the dream? If you like to crochet in different spaces around the home,Β  being able to transport your yarn easily can make a huge difference. It also means you’ll have your crochet hooks and yarn to hand whenever creativity strikes. We love this colourful basket by Lucy of @attic24 who’s even colour coordinated her stash!



Calling card

Not sure what to do with all your Crochet Society cards? Take a leaf out of @instacrochettime‘s book and pop them on display. Whether it’s one card or 10, these happy crochet-themed sentiments and pastel shades are sure to brighten your space.




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Bright and Beautiful

Need we say more? If you love brightly-coloured yarns then show them off, nothing will make you happier seeing all those lovely, happy shades organised on display. Crochet Society designer, Gemma of @littlegemscraftshop has created this most gorgeous space.




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Take a stand

Have a collection of crochet hooks to rival your teenage stationery collection? Nat of @littecosythings created these clever crochet hook stands. They’re ideal when you want to keep all your pretty crochet hooks on display and within easy reach.


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