Crochet Society Box 41 -Caroline Warren

We caught up with Caroline Warren one of the fab designers from box 41!

Hi! What are you up to today? 

I’ve been doing a few jobs in the garden and around the house this morning, and this afternoon I’m planning to take my two youngest girls to the park.

What is your favourite type of project to crochet? 

I love making colourful blankets! I particularly like working with tapestry crochet, I find it very therapeutic.

Where’s your favourite place to crochet? 

I have a special corner on my sofa where I do most of my crochet – it has all my yarn and crochet tools close at hand. I love to sit and watch TV or movies while I work. Sometimes in the summer I crochet outside; there is a shady spot under an apple tree in my garden which is a lovely place to crochet.

Which of your crochet projects are you proudest of? 

I took part in crochet-along for a mosaic crochet throw; I hadn’t used the technique before so I found it tricky to start with, but once I got the hang of it I loved it. My throw turned out much better than I thought it would so I’m really proud that I stuck with it!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced with your crochet? 

The first time I designed something for a magazine. It was a real challenge to summon up the confidence to do it but I’m very glad I managed it!

What’s the best piece of crochet advice you’ve ever received? 

To carry yarn up the side as much as possible when making striped items. Before I was taught to do this I would cut the yarn for every colour change and there were so many extra ends to sew in, which I really dislike doing!  So it was definitely a very valuable piece of advice.

Do you have any big crochet plans coming up? 

Nothing big really, but I have a new blanket design idea in my head that I would like to start working on. Also, I’ve had my eye on a lovely throw pattern which joins together lots of different shapes and sizes of motif. I think that would be a really interesting project to work on in the evenings.


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