Crochet Society Box 28 Hayley Hall @hellomooncrochet

We caught up with Hayley Hall one of our fabulous box 28 designers!

Hi! What are you up to today?

Hello! I’ve had a lovely long walk with my 2 little ones today. We’ve been making the most of my day off and spending lots of time outdoors.

What inspired your design for this box?

I love experimenting with texture and really liked the effect of using the crossed treble stitches. For this design I wanted to use a pretty but simple pattern repeat to create a therapeutic and soothing make. 

What is your favourite type of project to crochet?

I really enjoying making homeware, especially blankets. It’s so rewarding when you finish a big project.

Which of your crochet projects are you proudest of?

I recently designed my first Ladies garment; a granny square top in multiple size options. It was a challenge to make the maths work for all sizes but felt like such an accomplishment. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced with your crochet?

When I first began selling my crochet makes I found pricing super tricky! It’s so hard to know what to charge for something that can take so much time to make but it’s so important to value your time and not be tempted to under charge.

What’s the best piece of crochet advice you’ve ever received?

There are no mistakes in crochet and no right or wrong way to do things. Just find what works for you and have fun. 

The theme of this month’s box is Peaceful. Where do you feel most at peace when crocheting?

I crochet most days and find it such a great way to unwind and de stress in the evenings. If I get chance to crochet outside in the garden on a sunny day too that’s a real treat.

Do you have any big crochet plans coming up?

I’m getting ready for granny square month at the moment and working on some fun beginner friendly projects.

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