Crochet Society Box 21 – Hannah Bishop

We introduce you to Hannah Bishop aka @StitchedUpYarn who will be designing one of your Box 21 patterns!

What are you up to today?

I’ve just got home from work and I’m ready to get snuggly under a bigger WIP that I have on the go.

What inspired your design for this box?

I wanted to make something cosy and comforting! I also wanted to have a play with a different stitch.

It’s been a tricky old time lately – have things changed much for you?

I think we’ve all had to deal with changes. I work in healthcare and found it difficult at the beginning but we are all adjusting and adapting. Crochet has definitely helped me through it all more than I can say! I feel like I’m developing my skills so much and really enjoying the community feel amongst all us crocheters and crafters.

What is your favourite type of project to crochet?

I started with amigurumi and will always love making cute cuddly toys. I also love making winter accessories as gifts for people and I’ve recently started some bigger projects like blankets.

Which of your crochet projects are you proudest of?

I made a Christmas blanket for my mum. I didn’t know if I was going to manage it in time but I was just so motivated knowing she would love it.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced with your crochet?

My own mind – I am very self-critical! Now and then, I just need to remind myself that I am crocheting because I love it and it’s ok to have some perfectly imperfect projects.

What’s the best piece of crochet advice you’ve ever received?

Use stitch markers everywhere! And keep an extra one handy to replace the hook when you put your work down so you don’t accidentally unravel it all when you pick it up!

Where’s your favourite place to crochet?

Usually on the sofa with blankets and hot chocolate.

Do you have any tips for little ways we can all help the planet as we crochet

I love finding little projects to use up my left over yarn, I recently made some hand warmers using leftovers from a blanket. I also keep all my patterns on my tablet to save paper.

Do you have any big crochet plans coming up?

Definitely! I’ve sold a few patterns to raise money for charity and I have plans for more fundraising patterns soon.
Where can people find out more about you?

I’m on Instagram @stitchedupbyhannah 🙂

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