Mike Scriven and Jordon Graham @beardieandblondie crafts

Which project are you most proud of?

Jordon: There are so many that have been my current favourite, until I made the next one! I have a soft spot for the Jelly Bean Pigs I recently made. Giving them all different outfits and accessories on something so small was a real challenge!

Mike: I have a number of favourite designs that Jordon created especially for me for my birthdays. They have a lot of meaning to me and will always hold a special place in my heart, and on my shelves! My absolute favourite design has to be the original rainbow Chunko. He was the first design by Jordon that made me think about us designing professionally.


What is your top tip for new crocheters?

We learned a lot about crocheting by tweaking patterns to make them our own. Changing colours, shapes, or accessories in a crochet pattern is a great way to practice. Also: invest in high quality hooks. We have always used the common basic aluminium hooks until we recently invested in a high-quality set of hooks with ergonomic silicone handles. We cannot believe the difference they have made!


What would you like to try, but haven’t yet?

Jordon: I’ve discovered I am incredibly skilled at starting blankets. I have yet to find out how good I am at finishing a blanket.  At least our project basket looks pretty!

Mike: I’d like to try knitting. I’m a bit of a sock addict, so it would be great to be able to make my own. I would love to try making some using a circular knitting machine.


Any big crochet plans for 2020?

2020 will be the year we try to expand and fine tune our selection of patterns and kits, as well as launching and working on our new website. We have been planning it for a while and are both nervous and excited to start sharing it with the world!


Tell us something unexpected about you!

Jordon: Coincidentally we both did the same degree, a bachelors in Computer Science! I am currently in full time education studying for a Masters in artificial intelligence and robotics.


Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/beardie-and-blondie

Instagram: @beardieandblondiecrafts

Pinterest: beardieandblondiecrafts

Website: https://www.beardieandblondiecrochet.co.uk

Etsy: https://etsy.me/2XmQt8B

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