Mandy O’Sullivan @crochetbyredagape


Where is your favourite place to crochet? Do you ever crochet anywhere unexpected?

My studio is my favourite place to crochet. It has a beautiful view of the Australian landscape outside the window. I am very lucky to have a designated creative space to work in, as it means I’m away from the house and there are no distractions. I also like crocheting in the car on long trips. My husband likes to drive, so this means I can crochet in the passenger seat.


What is your favourite thing to make? Which project are you most proud of?

Cushions are probably my favourite thing to make, because they don’t take long to finish. I get bored making blankets, so I feel an extra burst of pride when I finish one.  My favourite project is my Starlight Dancer Blanket.


What is your top tip for working with colour?

When working with lots of beautiful colours, it’s important to link them in some way. You don’t want them to fight against one another.


Any big crochet plans for later in the year?

I’d love to release some crochet garment designs later in the year. I haven’t really had much experience with garments, so I’m keen to try something new. I might start with some shawls and then progress to tops and cardigans.


Where can people find out more about you?

People can find out more about me on Instagram – @crochetbyredagape

On my blog –

And Facebook –


Tell us something unexpected about you!

I’m lefthanded, but I crochet righthanded. I’ve always been a little ambidextrous, so I was determined to learn how to crochet the righthanded way. I was a tangled mess when I first started, but after hours of practicing making chains, I finally got the hang of it.


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