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What inspired your design for this Crochet Society box? 

It’s an honour to be designing again for Crochet Society! I love visiting the seaside with my family – we have been lucky to have always lived near the ocean. Even though we live by the Long Island Sound in New York, I particularly love quaint seaside towns in the UK and the cobbled lanes and traditional tearooms of lesser-known seaside towns inspired my design.


The theme of this box is ‘Crocheting at the Beach’ – what unexpected places do you like to crochet? What are your top tips/must-haves for crocheting on the go?

I don’t think I have ever crocheted on the beach before – I’m too busy watching my three kids like a hawk! I am definitely a home crocheter – in the summer I love crocheting on my veranda but I can’t think of anywhere unusual that I have crocheted – something I need to work on I think! I’m looking forward to the annual knitting and crocheting event that takes place in Bryant Park, NYC – that will be so much fun!


The yarn in this box is a Crochet Society exclusive – it isn’t even in the shops yet! How did you find it? 

I love the wide range of yarns you find in the Crochet Society boxes. The yarn in this box was lovely to work with – I have a weak spot for variegated yarns – and the colours in the yarn worked beautifully with my design and the theme of the box – I can’t wait to see what the other two designers have made!


What is your favourite thing to design/make? Which of your designs are you most proud of.

I love designing and making ‘homely’ things – whether that’s a kid’s garment or a snuggly blanket. My ‘Tulip’ bonnet that you can find on my website is one of my favourite designs – simple construction, delicate details and vintage vibe – this sums up my style!


Any big crochet plans coming up? 

I am working on building up more garment patterns and I have a few ideas coming into fruition for some sweet kids’ pieces. I’d also love to publish a crochet book in the near future!


Tell us something unexpected about you! 

Something unusual about me? Oh I’m not sure! I guess you might be surprised to know that I trained in knitwear at University and didn’t even touch on crochet until a few years after that. Apart from the odd bit of sock knitting, I hardly knit at all these days! I just love crochet too much!


Where can people find out more about you? 

You can find out more about me and my crochet on Instagram @loveandloop and my website come over and say ‘hi!’


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