Stitch Masterclass: Weaving Technique

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Learn how to master this impressive, and deceptively simple, weaving technique that has that extra ‘wow’ factor

Have you ever fancied a go at weaving, but always thought it looked like an incredibly difficult technique? Here, we bust the myth that weaving in crochet is difficult and instead show you just how simple but effective this technique is! All you need is an even crochet base, simple chains and the patience to weave your work in and out in impressive colour patterns.

Once you have a handle on how the theory actually works, the real trick comes when it’s time to plan a project, plotting your colours and stripe patterns. Take a look at traditional tartan accessories and garments for inspiration and try replacing the patterns with your favourite colours in something simple such as a scarf. Once you feel more confident, why not grab your aran or chunky yarn and throw together an impressive blanket or rug?

Weaving Crochet 

First make your base of crochet, which will need to have plenty of ch-sps (gaps) to weave your work in.

 In this example we started with 20 ch, starting in 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc, 3 ch (1 dc, 3 ch count as first tr and ch), miss 1 ch, [1 tr, 1 ch, mis 1 ch] to last ch, 1 tr. Turn.

 1 ch (does not count as st), 1 dc, 3 ch, miss first ch-sp, [1 tr, 1 ch, miss 1 ch] to last st, 1 tr in 2nd of beg 3 ch. Turn.

 Rep Row 2 until base is desired length. In this example we have repeated 6 more times.

Woven Section

 With RS of base facing, sl st contrasting colour into first missed foundation ch. Chain enough sts so chain length is as long as the Base. Fasten off.

 With crochet hook, weave chain from front to back in first ch-sp, starting from beg of ch.

 Working up the Base rows, bring chain from back to front in second ch-sp.

 Cont to weave up in rows, front to back and back to front until you reach top of base. Secure by brining tail through last ch on woven length and knotting end.

Top Tip! 

When making your weaving chains, keep your tension even and don’t pull too tight when measuring them against your base.


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