Crochet Wreaths 6 Ways – Inspiration and Free Patterns

27 Nov 2019 0 comments All Posts

This article shows you 6 different crochet wreaths with free patterns to inspire and influence your seasonal decoration ideas whether it be for Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving there’s a wreath pattern for you!

Seasonal crochet wreaths are a gorgeous way to decorate your home, they’re super versatile in terms of colour and style and unlike real floral and leaf garlands, they will never wilt so can be used year after year!

The Simplistic Wreath – Pattern HERE

This lovely wreath design is modern and minimalist using only one colour of yarn, perfect for a range of occasions on its own or a lovely base for further personalised embellishment.


Elegant and Contemporary Wreath – Pattern HERE

This free crochet wreath pattern appears a little more complex but still maintains a simplistic vibe, featuring a crocheted edge as well as mixed media floral embellishments for added depth and detail. Using a more neutral blue-grey colour palette softens the wreath and gives it a sophisticated and contemporary feel.


Pom Pom Wreath – Pattern HERE

For those that love texture and colour this pom pom wreath is perfect! Depending on how wild you’re feeling you can incorporate as many or as few colours as you like. You can also reduce the number of pom poms used if you wanted a more subtle pom pom effect. Nonetheless this wreath is a beautiful and fun design that’s sure to make an impact!


Traditional Christmas Leafy Wreath – Pattern HERE

This crochet wreath design uses a lot more traditional colours to create a striking festive impact. By featuring holly and berries you can create a wintry feel, whilst the cosy bow ties the whole thing together. Use this traditional style wreath for your own home or as a lovely gift for a loved one this holiday season!


Floral Wreath – Pattern HERE

Flowers are a timeless motif and make beautiful wreath embellishments! Add as many or as few flowers as you like with a variety of types to create a realistic and full-of-life effect. However, these flowers won’t wilt so you can use the wreath time and time again.

Check out Bella Coco’s own simple crochet flower video tutorial to master the art of floral crocheting – WATCH HERE


Blank Canvas Wreath:The Perfect Base – Pattern HERE

This simple wreath base crochet pattern is ideal for creating a blank canvas to apply your creativity to, or you can also use as a great base for kids to add their own designs and embellishments to!

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