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12 Apr 2021 1 Comment All Posts

We asked our subscribers a simple question – Why do you subscribe to Crochet Society?

Here are just a few of the responses below! We were overwhelmed with how much our boxes mean to you all, thanks to everyone who commented!  You can see all of the feedback in our private Crochet Society Facebook Group – Join the Group Today and enjoy crochet chat and fun with fellow crocheters from all over the world, from beginners to advanced crocheters and even some professional designers.

Along with the step-by-step video tutorials by Sarah-Jayne Fragola of Bella Coco Crochet, there’s always someone in the group who’s available to help if you are stuck or just need a little inspiration the get a project started.

Feedback from our Subscribers

I adore the variety of contents! It’s not just one project to do, there’s a lovely choice of ideas and excellent video tuition for each one . Plus, the extra goodies included in each box are such a nice treat to receive. I’ve been a subscriber from the first box and the whole crochet society concept has helped develop my skills in such a fun way, I’ve loved every box, some more than others, but it’s always nice to return to an abandoned box after a few weeks and feel reinspired. No box has been wasted 😍
I started crocheting again about 4 years ago, I was taught by my great gran when I was very young. The Crochet Society boxes have been very useful for me to try out new yarns and techniques – moreover, the gadgets are to die for! I’ve been in since Box 1 and liked them all ❤️ keep up the good work! Pam aka Supernova Crochet, Italy.
It’s like I have a birthday every month. Absolutely worth every penny – I’m sure the contents must be worth more than the subscription fee. It’s so exciting opening the box to see what goodies lie inside and the endless possibilities that awaits each project. I’m new to crochet and the box helps develop new skills and pushes me to try new things that I’d previously considered ‘too hard’. Best money I’ve ever spent! ❤️
I’m new to crotchet over the past year. Finding Crotchet Society has been so great to help me learn each month. Easy to follow directions and lots of fun extras in the boxes too! The hardest part is waiting for the mail arrive to Florida 🙂
I love that the box is modern with bright colours, modern designs and surprises that you wouldn’t normally associate with crochet (such as the letter board and the eco wooden cup). Being a younger(!) crocheter I look forward to the box every month and without fail, it makes me happy and excited to do a new crochet project. I also taught myself using BellaCoco YouTube channel so to watch her journey and receive the boxes makes me happy!
I am what people are calling a lockdown learner. I started learning from Bella coco crochet and really got into it, but felt like I lacked a bit of imagination of what to make other than blankets. So I started with crochet society and each month you get different yarn, a hook and different patterns. It’s give you some challenges and even if you don’t stick the patterns the yarn is always a variety so nice to work with different textures and thicknesses. Sometimes the different stitches are challenging so it’s a nice surprise when I learn something new and I can read patterns from following the tutorials and reading the pattern to understand the terminology. So for those who are beginners it’s simple to follow so don’t feel like you need to be experienced.
It was so easy to sign up and every month I have that little something for me to look forward to. I have 2 children under 6 and homeschooling was challenging and everything is always for them, which I wouldn’t have it any other way but this is the one thing I get for me. ❤️❤️❤️
I’m a relatively experienced crocheter but I get so much out of being a subscriber – a community to call on when you need help or just sympathy, stretch targets in the boxes, great patterns and videos. There’s always something new to learn.
I was a novice crocheter when I got given a box for Christmas last year. So I just had to subscribe and get more boxes. it has given me the experience and confidence to try new things which I would not have contemplated trying this time last year.
We hope you are inspired by these lovely Crochet Society subscribers – read all the fantastic feedback over in our Crochet Society group  – Join the Group

box 23 crochet society

Box 23 Closes for subscriptions on April 20th and will start being shipped at the end of April, so just a few weeks before you could be receiving your first box! Subscribe here – Crochet Society Subscriptions

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  1. Aracely Reply

    April 13, 2021 at 11:36

    Hola soy de chile mi nombre es Aracely, compré la caja 21 de crochet society y aún no me llega, quisiera saber cuándo llegará a chile?

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