Crochet Society Box 38 – Sandy Jones

Hi! What are you up to today?

Today I’m crocheting a hat for my son who is due in April. It is a lovely Yellow, and I
intend on popping a lovely fur pom pom on the top. I love pom-poms.

What is your favourite type of project to crochet?

I like to crochet Amigurumi toys, I find them quick to work up and immediately
satisfying as I complete all the pieces.

Where’s your favourite place to crochet?

I crochet on my sofa whilst listening to a series on the TV in the background to fill the
quietness. In the summer I love to take my work outside and sit by my pond. Bring on
the summer.

Which of your crochet projects are you proudest of?

I’m proudest of my crochet booties, it was the first pattern I ever designed back in 2014
when I had just had my daughter Lillie, I sell the pattern and also sell the booties I make.
It is a simple pattern but it never tires, it is a classic crochet bootie.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced with your crochet?

Designing my first ever pattern was the biggest challenge, turning this image I had into
my head into writing and then making sure that it was easy for others to understand. I
must have knitted near 50 booties before I was confident my pattern worked.

What’s the best piece of crochet advice you’ve ever received?

I was told use stitch markers at the beginning of a row, when learning to crochet it is
common to loose stitches at the beginning and the end of a row. I always tell people I
teach to use them, some are resistant at first but thank me after.

Do you have any big crochet plans coming up?

I plan to keep designing and being inspired my having a little boy, I currently cater for 3
girls so this has been refreshing to design with a boy in mind.

Where can people find out more about you?

I use Instagram and Facebook to connect with fellow crocheters and to post photos of
the thing I create, so you will find me on both those platforms.

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