Crochet Society Box 27 Video Tutorials

You will need your password which can be found in the Box 27 booklet in order to watch these video tutorials. Sarah Jayne creates tutorials for every single pattern in every box and these are exclusively for our members! If you are interested in joining head to our home page for all of the details and prices or take a look in our shop to see which past boxes are available! Subscribe today and start your collection!

Jess Hook Nook Right

Jess Hook Nook Left

Nicola White Right

Nicola White Left

Theodore and Rose Right

Theodore and Rose Left

One Comment on “Crochet Society Box 27 Video Tutorials

  1. Lovelydotty Reply

    November 6, 2021 at 10:52

    I just finished the scarf I didn’t like the pattern it was very fiddly also it seems small . The videos are very poor as well, short and not very clear but also still no subtitles 😕😟

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