Crochet Society Box 21

Box 21 crochet society open box

Crochet Society Box 21


Box 21 is a little special – we’ve designed it with eco-conscious crafters in mind. As with every box, the starting point is the yarn – we chose Recyclé 4 from Bergère de France. Flip to page 14 to read the story behind this truly unique yarn and find out why we picked it for this box. Once we had the yarn in place, all the little extras were inspired by it and you can read about them on page 12.

The thing to remember with going green is that there’s no such thing as perfection. Every yarn has different things going for it from an eco point of view and with every choice we make as crocheters, we have to weigh up all of the pros and cons.

Our designers have done an amazing job once again, creating some super-sweet patterns for your yarn. These patterns are all designed to be cute and useful at the same time because that’s one of the most important parts of eco-conscious crafting. Don’t forget to share your makes on Instagram with the hashtag #crochetsociety and if you go your own way, use #crochetsocietyrogue – I’m so excited to see what you make!

Don’t miss the bonus FREE online for all pattern at then end of this post – a cute little crochet puppy by @jhwinterauthor

What’s in this box?

Your Yarn

3 balls of Bergère de France Recyclé 4 – as you can see from the pic above the yarn is stunning!

crochet row counter bracelet

Row Counter Bracelet

Keep track of your work with this handy bracelet – simply move the marker to the next ring when you finish a row. Want to keep track of more than 10 rows? This bracelet is designed to work with all of your Crochet Society stitch markers, so just add more markers!

crochet bamboo tumbler

Bamboo Tumbler

This cute cup is made from sustainable bamboo and can be used either for storage or for drinking but please note this is hand-wash only – don’t put it in the dishwasher!

Bamboo hook & succulent stitch marker

Hook up a storm with this lovely leafy set

3 Exclusive Patterns

If you need an extra hand, remember Sarah Jayne’s videos are there for you!

Crochet Mitts Pattern

Gan is the Haïtian word for glove. Although there’s no equivalent to the nasal ‘an’ sound in English, the best way to pronounce the word is ‘gunh’
Designed by
Elisabeth Desamour
Instagram @desamourdesigns

Crochet Slippers Pattern

These snuggly slippers use a puff stitch to give a fleecy feel

Designed by
Hannah Bishop
Instagram @stitchedupbyhannah

Coffee Cup Holder

Carry this little bear with you to keep
your on-the-go brew nice and cosy
Designed by
Jane Howarth
Instagram @janetarahowarth

Plus you can get the gree pattern to make up this Crochet pup designed by @jhwinterauthor now – Crochet Palm Puppy Pattern 



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