Cassie Ward @TheMissingYarn

Box 5 designer – Cassie Ward!

We are delighted that Cassie Ward aka @themissingyarn has designed a pattern for Box 5 of the Crochet Society. Do head over to her Instagram to have a good look at the kind of beautiful patterns she likes to design.

You can find all the designers for Box 5 here – Box 5 Designers.   If you would like to purchase this box (box closes for subscribers 20th October), or buy previous boxes head over to our Shop – Crochet Society Shop

What is your favourite thing to make?

I love making bright, on-trend catwalk and high street-inspired ladies’ garments.

Which colours do you love working with?

I love bright bold colours. Lots of my work is inspired by my desire to be different and my love of festivals.

Who do you like to make crochet gifts for?

I like to make crocheted gifts for my friends, particularly at Christmas – it’s so lovely to be able to make something instead of buying it.

When did you learn to crochet, and how did that turn into designing your own patterns?

After the tragedy of losing my dear mum Josie in my late 20s, I suffered terribly with anxiety and needed a distraction from my overactive mind. One day, I was at an exhibition sitting next to a lovely Irish lady from the UK Hand Knitting Association. I picked up a hook, she taught me the basics there and then and sent me on my way. I was instantly addicted and began designing immediately.
I made amazing creations, but having never learned how to read a pattern, I had no real idea of what stitches I was using! I found a lady named Helen who taught me how to read patterns and showed me new techniques. From this, The Missing Yarn was born.

Where is your favourite place to crochet?

In my bed watching boxsets! Sometimes I don’t even know what the characters look like, because I’ve crocheted through them so much!

What are your crochet plans for the rest of the year?

I have lots of lovely commissions happening, but one of the most exciting things happening at the start of the new year is that my book My Crochet Wardrobe will be published! It’s already available to pre-order.

How many WIPs do you have right now?

Just one – I’m very good at getting things started and finished!

Tell us something unexpected about you.

I’ve got double jointed knees!

Find Cassie at Instagram   @themissingyarn

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