Box 29 Social Media Graphics

27 Oct 2021 0 comments All Posts

A big part of the fun of being part of Crochet Society is sharing our love of crochet and meeting fellow yarn-lovers on social media! There are lots of places to meet fellow makers, including our friendly Facebook group and the Crochet Society tag on Instagram. Each month, we create some pretty graphics for you to use when you’re sharing your makes on social media or on your blog – so here are the graphics for Box 29!


You can use the spoiler alert images to warn people that a spoiler is coming, or add your own text to the plain images. You are of course free to post spoilers on your own Facebook or Instagram accounts whenever you wish, but we ask you not to post spoilers in the Crochet Society Facebook group until after 10th November.

We can’t promise that everyone will have their boxes by this date, because we are reliant on different postal systems all over the world, so if you don’t have your box and you want to keep the surprise, you might want to unfollow the Facebook group after this date. You can unfollow but still stay a member of the group, so you can choose when to look at the group rather than having posts appear in your Facebook feed. You can then re-follow when your box arrives.

If you are on a desktop or laptop, simply right-click on the image to save it. If you are on a phone or tablet, press and hold on the image to save.

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