Box 1 Stitch Highlight Guide

07 May 2020 0 comments All Posts

As Crochet Society box 1 is so popular and still available in the past box shop we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the stitches used in the box and link to Bella Coco tutorials of them!

They range from basic through to bobble so whether you have the box or not, it’s a fun way to learn some new stitches and see them used in some beautiful projects…


  1. Try the bobble stitch and the star stitch, as seen on the Willowfield Mitts!


2. Get to know the basic double-crochet chain, as used for the Diamond Delight Wall Hanging!


3. For beginners make sure to learn the simple chain stitch, as seen in these Glass Slippers.


4. Perfect your colour changing skills, as modelled on Penrose The Pocket Bear!

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