May Box Subscriber Update from Sarah-Jayne

Hi Everyone, if you are reading this, thanks so much for being a subscriber and thank you for your continued patience with the delays we have been experiencing.

We have some news about your May box. We’ve had to make some changes to the planned delivery dates, which means there will be something new and exciting on its way to you this month!

Your New May Box!

You might notice that this month’s box is a bit different! The Floral May box was running late because of COVID-19,  we had expected it to be less impacted but unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case despite all of our efforts to get it here sooner. So, this new bumper box has become your May delivery instead. It’s all about staying home and staying crafty!


You will love this new bumper box! Usually, your box includes 2 balls of yarn, this month you’re getting 8 BALLS OF YARN – enough to make a really beautiful blanket, a stunning set of cushions or a gorgeous garment.

I know this might not be the box you were expecting, but lots of you have been asking for bigger projects so I seized this one-off opportunity to give you just that.

What about the Floral Box?

The lovely Floral box will now become your June Box (so don’t worry it is on the way still, we just didn’t want you to have to wait a whole month with no new box!). The June Box will become the July Box and so on! Rest assured you will be receiving the number of boxes you have paid for.

What’s in the Box?

Putting this parcel together has been a fantastic example of kindness in our community. A popular yarn company have supplied us with some super-soft, squishable yarn (8 balls of it each) and some more of our craft industry friends have made the box and the goodies inside in record time for us.

When will I get my box?

It is expected to be in our warehouse in approximately 10 days time and on the way to you shortly after that once we have packed all those balls of yarn and goodies in the boxes!

Make sure you’ve joined our Crochet Society Facebook group and stay in touch. We’re all here for each other and we hope this exciting new May box gives you masses of yarn and inspiration to keep you busy!

Ask me a question!

Sarah-Jayne went live on Saturday 9th May at 7pm to answer any queries or feedback you had – find the video below.

NB. Due to Friday the 8th of May being a UK Bank Holiday our customer service team will not be available until Monday 11th May to answer specific questions about your account. You can find our Frequently asked Questions by CLICKING HERE


#StayHomeStayCrafty and #StaySafe


After the introduction of the new May box, we have had lots of queries about which box people will be getting!

Here’s a little timeline to show you when boxes closed and which box you will get.

The March Box – Geometric

This box closed on the 20th of February for new subscribers.

Payment for existing subscribers was taken on approximately 10th of February.

This Box was dispatched from our warehouse on February 28th.

The April Box – Feathers

This box closed on the 20th of March for new subscribers.

Payment for existing subscribers was taken on approximately 10th of March.

This box was impacted by COVID-19 and dispatched from our warehouse on 1st of May (about 4 weeks late).

The NEW May Box – Bumper Sized #staycrafty

This box closed early on 18th April for new subscribers due to a sell-out (it should have closed on 20th April).

Payment for existing subscribers was taken on approximately 10th of April.

The Floral box originally planned for this month was affected by COVID-19, so a brand-new box was created. We’re hoping to send this out from our warehouse on 18th May.

The June Box – Floral

This box closed early on 1st May due to a sell-out (It would have closed on 20th May).

Payment for existing subscribers will be taken on approximately 10th of May.

This Box has been impacted by COVID-19 but we’re hoping to be able to send it out from our warehouse in mid-June.


This box opens for subscriptions on 21st May.

Payment for existing subscribers will be taken on approximately 10th of June.

We are waiting for confirmation of delivery dates but are hopeful it will be early July, catching us back up!