Crochet for Complete Beginners – Free Beginner Crochet Guide

Crochet for Mindfulness

Crochet can improve your daily wellbeing!

Not only is it a lovely hobby that produces beautifully crafted items, but it can also help to reduce stress, focus your mind, and improve memory. The art of crochet is very mindful, it allows you to focus on the here-and-now and forget about outside distractions and anxieties. This is why if you experience stress or mood swings in your daily life crochet is the perfect way to focus yourself for a more relaxed and controlled mindset!

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Free Beginner Crochet Guide Download

If you prefer step-by-step pictures to follow along at your own pace then simply register or sign in to the website and you will be given access to a 16 Page guide to help you learn and we’ve also added Sarah-Jayne’s beginner basics videos.

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